In the modern-day workplace, it can be hard to retain your most valued employees. Even cities or counties with the most competitive compensation and highly sought after cultures can’t always retain high preforming employees from a better opportunity for them.

In the event of a sudden departure, it may be impossible to promote from within, find a suitable long-term replacement in a shortened recruiting window or have talent on hand to fill in. However, by working with WHW LGC you can find a short-term replacement while buying more time to complete a thorough search process for your next full-time hire.

Except for the benefit of quickly filling an important hole for continuity, here are some reasons why bringing on an interim director or other executive-level/professional resource could make sense for your organization:

Restoring your cultural equilibrium

If a director or key professional accepts a new position outside your local government, this could create anxiety about who and how the work will get done and how major projects will fare. To keep things rolling, engaging an interim services position can minimize the potential damage caused by an unexpected and untimely departure.

A simple short-term commitment

By arranging for the assistance of an interim executive, your local government won’t be committed to any individual or organizational structure. This means that you can delay your hiring process and take a breath to think things through and strategize about how you want your organization to function in the future. WHW LGC can quickly work with you to find a suitable match and get someone with the right credentials and fit on board quickly. You decide when the interim assignment will end, providing much-needed flexibility to your local government.

Expertise and experience

Most interim executives carry a unique knowledge in the areas they serve. Often times, an interim professional can add significant value through their life’s work that you otherwise couldn’t afford or recruit. These highly skilled interim executives or professionals often times are retired, taking a break from full-time employment or are in transition from a long term assignment. They offer a high value in talent that can often times be an upgrade from the talent that has left.

Test before you buy

Leveraging support from an interim executive leader can provide you with an opportunity to test out an individual who may be a long term fit for your local government. WHW LGC is unique in that we don’t charge a fee if you hire an interim employee on a full-time basis. We want our clients to be successful and work with us on a long-term basis. In addition,

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WHW LGC can provide you interim services to include:

  • City Manager

  • Assistant City Manager

  • County Manager

  • Assistant County Manager

  • City/County Clerk

  • Human Resources Director

  • Human Resources Generalist

  • Public Works Director

  • City Engineer

  • Building Officials and Inspectors

  • Community Development Director

  • Planners

  • Finance Director

  • Budget Director

  • Police Chief

  • Fire Chief

  • Municipal Court Clerk

  • Code Enforcement

  • Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistance

  • Interns

  • GIS

  • Parks and Recreation Director

Become a Interim Provider

WHW LGC offers interim provider opportunities for in transition, retired and part time professionals in local government

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