Customized Consulting Services

Financial Services

WHW LGC can provide you with long range financial planning, development financing options, revenue optimization and recovery services, annual budget assistance, interim staffing, recruitment and special projects, etc…

Leadership Development

WHW LGC can provide you with mentoring programs, succession planning development, personnel investigations, culture climate checks, evaluation and termination assistance, DEI services, interim HR services, executive search/recruitment, and special projects etc..

Fractional Consulting

WHW LGC can provide you with fractional consulting. Fractional consulting is an innovative and cost-efficient way to add highly experienced experts for a “fraction” of the cost in a part-time capacity. Don’t need a full time CFO for a small city? Consider hiring a fractional CFO at a cost you can afford, utilize the best talent and only use it when you need it. WHW LGC can provide you with fractional services for city management, finance, communications, public safety, purchasing, legal services, community development, economic development and public works, etc…

Real Estate, Development and Land Planning

WHW LGC can provide you with municipal real estate master planning, economic development planning and analysis, development analysis, annexation planning, downtown development services, private developer liaison services, and parking studies etc…

Infrastructure and Parks

WHW LGC can provide you with infrastructure planning, utility analysis, parks planning, grant assistance, sales tax management, impact fee analysis, capital improvement planning, CID assistance and stormwater utility creation, etc…

WHW LGC can be your trusted advisor for complex and day to day problem solving. Let us customize a solution to meet your needs and your budget.

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